About Me

Photographed by Alishia Love

Well, who is Suzi?

I’m 21 years old, born and raised in Sydney, Australia. I moved to London in June 2018 and am now based here while I study at the International School of Screen Acting. I was raised by four people, my mother Stephanie, my father Tony, my older sister Cassie and my older brother Trent. We also had a family dog, a Lemon Beagle named Ella. We now have a two year old Burmese cat named Seth Godin.

In February 2019, my brother and best friend Trent, died from brain cancer. It’s still a very fresh wound that stings like a motherfucker, but he was an inspirational person who deserves a bit of light shone on his life. Ask anyone who knew him and they will tell you the same. After Trent was diagnosed, he created a website where for a short time he wrote a blog. It’s famous amongst his community. His site is named:

Who is Trent

Being Trent’s sister is one of the most important things that I am and I honour him and his legacy through this website. I like to call it a sister site. Please check out his blog at www.whoistrent.com. It’s thought provoking and kicks ass.

I will use this website for personal and professional use. It holds my headshots for any Casting Directors or other industry creatives who find themselves asking who I am. I will also be posting the occasional blog, some photos of my travels, musical videos and any short films that I create. 

The future excites me.